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International & National Student Exchange Programs

International & National Student Exchange Programs

At South Carolina State University, we aim to prepare all of our students to be successful citizens of the world. In our increasingly connected global society, it's more important than ever to be exposed to a variety of viewpoints and cultures. One of the best and most transformative experiences a student can have is spending time living and learning in a foreign country.  

The Office of International and National Student Exchange Programs (OINSEP) is here to help you enjoy and earn credits from short-term cultural immersion programs and longer-term study abroad experiences. We'll partner with you to find an international program that meets your academic needs and helps you with the logistics and paperwork of studying in another country.

The OINSEP also works with international students who come to SC State from abroad. We work with them to ensure a positive experience in South Carolina as they help to broaden the cultural and global awareness on the SC State campus. To that end, OINSEP hosts several International Showcases that feature the countries and cultures of from which our students, faculty, and staff hail. The annual Parade of Nations flag procession is a highlight of our university-proclaimed International Awareness Month each November.

In addition to our international programs, SC State is also a member of the National Student Exchange Program, a consortium of more than 170 state-supported colleges and universities. Through this program, you can spend up to a year studying at one of these schools in another state while still paying tuition to SC State and working towards earning your degree. 

Whether you choose to study abroad or in another state, living and learning in a new place can have a significant positive impact on your life and worldview. We invite you to take advantage of the opportunities we offer and enjoy these programs.


The mission of the Office of International and National Student Exchange Programs (OINSEP) is to strengthen the academic and cultural environment of South Carolina State University using initiatives that support the internalization of the campus community, in keeping with the University’s mission statement, by offering a diverse array of intercultural programs, courses, and international travel opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Cultural Immersion Program

Cultural immersion is an opportunity for students to experience other cultures outside of the continental US and integrate with citizens and residents of another country for a short period usually between one to two weeks.  Students must complete an interest survey and, if selected, be enrolled in the SA 300 Cultural Immersion course. For more information contact the Director of OINSEP at

Study Abroad Ambassador Program

After students return from a study abroad or cultural immersion experience, OINSEP expects that they will volunteer to promote study abroad and cultural immersion opportunities and benefits.  For more information contact

More information and forms

Affiliate programs

International Students

South Carolina State welcomes international students from around the globe.  Their presence enriches the academic and cultural environment on campus.

Student Visas

The administrator responsible for student visas and Optional Practical Training is the Principal Designated School Official who is the Director of Admissions, Mr. Davion Petty. Contact him at

Admission Requirements

Visit the Admissions Webpage

Work-study and Volunteer opportunities

OINSEP employs a limited number of students as funds are available. OINSEP also welcomes students to volunteer in its office to help with its global engagement programs on campus. For work-study opportunities contact To volunteer contact

International Student Support

Once international students arrive on campus, the staff of OINSEP would be happy to help them in any way we can. We host activities during International Awareness Month (November) such as the Parade of Nations, and throughout the academic year, such as international showcases to help international students feel connected to their home countries and to share their cultures..

International Student Association

The International Students Association is an organization for international and domestic students at South Carolina State University who wish to promote international awareness. For more information, contact the Director of OINSEP at


Contact Us

Have questions about international or national exchange programs? Ready to get started on your journey? Contact us today! 

The Office of International and National Student Exchange Programs is in Belcher Hall rooms 120 and 145

Contact Number: (803) 813-1144 / (803) 536-7903