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Make the world your stage with a BA in Drama

Have a flare for the dramatic? Keep your friends laughing? SC State’s bachelor’s degree in Drama could be for you.
The curriculum of the drama component leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and permits the student to develop an emphasis in general theatre studies. The program stresses the effective development of expressive skills, both oral and written.
In cooperation with the Department of Education, an opportunity for teacher certification is provided and leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Drama Education.
The objectives of the theatre component are:

  • To develop in the student the power of independent and creative thinking, critical judgment, and individual initiative.
  • To help students achieve career goals in theatre and the allied.
  • To provide an academic program in theatre that is sufficiently broad and rigorous enough to prepare students for graduate study.
  • To offer a sequence of study and experience, including the study of children’s theatre and creative drama, as well as the history and philosophy of education, and general teaching methodology and a children’s theatre practicum in the laboratory school.

A unique opportunity at SC State

SC State is the only HBCU in South Carolina that offers a degree in drama.
The curriculum is designed to provide through the study of theatre history, design, performance, and production:

  • A liberal arts education in theatre.
  • Preparation for graduate study.
  • Teacher certification.
  • Preparation for opportunities in the performing arts
  • Minor programs in English, music, print journalism, radio broadcasting, and visual arts also are available.


Perform with The Henderson-Davis Players  

The Henderson-Davis Players, SC State’s official drama guild, have won over 100 national and international awards in various festivals and tournaments since the drama program began in 1967. 
In over 50 years, this university club has produced over 225 plays. If you're a theatre major, minor, or just love plays, this is the club for you. It’s open to any student in any major.
All majors and minors in drama and drama education must register with the theatre department. No theatre course with a grade less than C will be accepted for credit toward graduation. The drama program curriculum also includes practicum experiences. The major is expected to participate in productions on a frequent basis.
The Henderson-Davis Players troupe, housed in the Henderson-Davis Theatre, is an integral, academic affiliate of the degree program in drama.


Ursula O Robinson, Professor of Drama and Director of the Henderson-Davis Theatre
The Henderson-Davis Theatre Scene Shop

Gerald Hunt, Adjunct in Technical Theatre 
The Henderson-Davis Theatre Scene Shop