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Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology

Explore manufacturing, transportation & construction with a B.S. in Industrial Technology from SC State

The Industrial Technology program prepares individuals to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in support of industrial engineers and managers. Industrial Technology at South Carolina State University is designed to meet the needs of students and enhance their preparation to work in a broad range of manufacturing, communications (primarily graphical and electronic), transportation, and construction fields.

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The program is housed in the Engineering and Computer Science Complex building, one of the newer facilities on campus. We have three dedicated labs to our program - the Manufacturing and engineering Lab, the Construction lab, and the Electronics lab.

This program requires 120 credit hours and takes four academic years to complete.

After graduation

While this major has four cluster areas (manufacturing, communication, transportation, and construction), the vast majority of graduates (approximately 80%) go into the manufacturing field. Many are in management positions, and work while gaining titles in engineering. Less than 20% go on to graduate programs.

Value and affordability

The Industrial Technology program is affordable and a great value as an in-state degree option. There are a few laboratory courses that have an associated laboratory fee, which covers the hands-on materials used in the course.

Personal career advising

The Industrial Technology Program does everything we can to put students in touch with companies and employers that are in line with their future goals. Faculty bring speakers and former students and highlight campus programs that may expose students to networking opportunities.

Small class sizes

Our major courses are small, especially as we rebuild the program enrollment. Traditionally, we have had an average of five students to each faculty member. The largest major course size had a student-faculty ratio of 8:1.

Course highlights

  • IT 121: Engineering Design I (Students learn the software package Inventor (by Autodesk))
  • IT 122: Engineering Design II (Students learn the software package AutoCAD (by Autodesk))
  • IT 325: Construction Systems (Students build various projects using tools and procedures
    learned in the course)
  • IT 330: Manufacturing and Engineering Processes (3D printing projects, software designing)
  • IT 381: Graphic Communications

Experiential Learning

The benefit of these activities being integrated into the Industrial Technology program is that not only do the students get to apply the knowledge they are actively learning, but they also gain skills that can be instantly transferred into the workplace.