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Speech Pathology & Audiology

Speech Pathology & Audiology

Help Improve the Lives of Others With a Bachelor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Degree

Communication skills are crucial to our growth and success. But sometimes, whether due to developmental issues or because of significant medical events like a stroke, problems arise that prevent us from being able to communicate well.
With a Bachelor of Arts in speech pathology and audiology from South Carolina State University, you’ll make a lasting impact on the lives of others as you help them communicate more effectively.

What is an SLP?

You may be wondering, “what is an SLP?” A speech-language pathologist, or SLP, is a professional who works with a variety of individuals, from young children to adults, who struggle to communicate. SLPs prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech and language disorders. Similarly, audiologists provide care related to the ear, including hearing, balance, and other auditory disorders. 
Now that you know a little bit more about what is an SLP, you can start your journey toward a rewarding career as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist with a speech pathologist bachelor’s degree and you’ll see the confidence you build in those you work with on a daily basis.

The only bachelor of speech pathology and audiology degree at an HBCU in South Carolina

SC State’s speech pathologist bachelor’s degree is rated as one of the most affordable in the Palmetto State and is one of only nine undergraduate speech pathologist degrees at a historically black college and university (HBCU) in the nation.

Method of Instruction

  • Face-to-face

Bachelor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Degree Highlights

As a student in the only HBCU in South Carolina with both undergraduate and graduate-level degrees for speech therapists, you will have an excellent opportunity to make an impact on a diverse community. Here’s how:

Get hands-on training with real patients

Our degree for speech therapists will prepare you for a rewarding career with hands-on training at the on-campus speech-language hearing clinic. Clients in the clinic range from children to adults who receive screenings, evaluations, and interventions.

Learn from a program with a proven record

South Carolina State’s speech pathologist degree boasts a 100% employment rate at the graduate level, and 70% of undergraduate students earn Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) licenses. Earn your degree for speech therapists and get on track to become a licensed speech language pathologist or audiologist.

Build a professional network

With affiliation agreements for off-site clinical experiences in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, public and private schools, daycare centers, and private practices, you will have ample opportunities to build a network of like-minded professionals.

Student-to-faculty ratio in speech pathologist degree courses
Job placement rates for recent graduates with a degree for speech therapists
Speech pathologist bachelor’s degree graduates earn an SLPA license

What Can You Do With a Bachelor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Degree?

Make a difference in your community. With a bachelor of speech pathology and audiology degree you will learn the core skills to get you on the path to becoming a licensed speech-language pathologist or audiologist.
Teach young children to better express themselves in a school setting. Help patients in a clinical setting rehabilitate damaged vocal cords or overcome trouble swallowing.
Join the 70% of our speech pathologist bachelor’s degree students who earn an SLPA license and you can:

  • Assist a licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP) with speech, language, and hearing screenings
  • Serve as an interpreter for patients, clients, or students who do not speak English
  • Advocate for individuals and families through community awareness, health literacy, education, and training programs

Maximize your impact and continue your education with a Master of Arts in speech-language pathology at SC State. With continued education, you’ll open doors to serve in a variety of roles and settings.

How much do speech language pathologists make?

Annual wages for audiologists and speech-language pathologists vary greatly depending on their work environment, geographic region, and experience.
Those with a speech pathologist bachelor’s degree earn approximately $35,000 a year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On average, speech-language pathologists and audiologists with a graduate degree earn approximately $80,000 yearly. 

What You Will Study in Our Speech Pathologist Degree Program

To graduate with an undergraduate speech pathologist degree, speech pathology and audiology majors must complete a total of 128 credit hours, 37 of which must be completed within the major. Required courses cover a variety of subjects, including:

  • Articulation
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Language disorders in adults and children
  • Neurological and organic pathologies
  • Research
  • Stuttering
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Voice

Students can also take two hands-on sign language courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.