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Physical Education Teacher Ed

Physical Education Teacher Ed

Share your love for health and wellness with a Physical Education Teaching degrees from SC State

If PE was your favorite class in school and you have a desire to help young people stay healthy and fit, a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education Teaching from South Carolina State University is the right fit for you.

The Department of Health Sciences is where to find physical education, which has a partnership with the teacher education program in the Department of Education. Students must take and pass all pertinent exams, maintain a GPA of 2.75 and become a member of the education department where they are prompted for clinical experiences. Teacher candidates spend one semester on the field observing and familiarizing themselves with school rules and policies of a school The following semester, teacher candidates spend a semester teaching and learning what it takes to become a certified physical education teacher.

Students in the Health Sciences Department have opportunities to get involved with research projects and internships with the neighboring school districts.

Physical education careers

Many students earn a degree for physical education from South Carolina State to become physical education teachers. By fulfilling physical education teacher requirements, students go on to work in public or private schools or universities. Upon earning your degree for physical education, you may opt to pursue employment as a K–12 health teacher, South Carolina State graduates with a degree for physical education hold titles such as:

  • Physical education teacher
  • Athletic director
  • School principal

In as little as four years, you can complete your bachelor’s degree in physical education and move on to a rewarding career of your choice.
From critical thinking to research and communication to public speaking and writing, students leave South Carolina State with a base of knowledge that satisfies all physical education teacher requirements and makes them ideal candidates to become a physical education teacher.


The Health Sciences Programs are fully accredited. The Physical Education Teacher Education part of the Education Department and Certification is approved through the South Carolina Department of Education Teacher Certification Division.

Faculty Highlights: Physical Education faculty have a master's or terminal degree in Physical Education. Faculty are knowledgeable and skillful in various sports,games, and dances with many years of teaching experience.
Facilities: Physical Education is taught in and in many different facilities. Courses have access to two gymnasiums, classrooms, and many outdoor facilities.
Length of Program: The program is designed for four years.
Benefit of location: Physical Education is offered on the main campus of South Carolina State University. The benefit of being on the main campus is majors are in one centralized location and can support each other when needed.
Personal Career advising: Each of the Physical Education majors have an assigned advisor who is available by contact through an office visit, telephone, email,and/or text.
Class size - Student: faculty ratio: Class sizes are very manageable, with a teacher/student ratio of 1:30.

Course Highlights

Physical Education 200

In PE 200, Physical Education for Teachers of Elementary and Middle School Children, students develop lesson plans, critique mini video lessons, are engaged in a variety of physical activities related to teaching movement/skills, research topics of interest, research an assigned library assignment and visit neighboring schools to observe and interview the physical education teacher. Students also complete and evaluate a physical fitness test to determine their fitness level. Special projects include a culminating activity or a recreation day at the end of the course. Students teach peers a segment of the course to present on stage in front of an audience or have an interactive competition.

Education 425

In ED 425, students are guided by assignments related to an observation experience at a nearby school. Students must acquire 60 practicum hours and develop a portfolio. This year, students observed 30 teaching videos to complete an assignment observation sheet. Students meet with the professor twice weekly to achieve the goals of the class. Students and professors participate in discussions on teaching large, small, and individualized groups, managing the class, direct instructions on skills, performing demonstrations, ADEPT evaluation, and more. As we observe a video, students share what they observe/experience from the video and ask related questions. Students also read chapters and present information from the selected text.

ED 430, Professional Clinical Experiences in Physical Education

In ED 430, Professional Clinical Experiences in Physical Education, students are assigned to a school to work directly with a physical education teacher who trains the teacher candidate in the operations and management of a class. The teacher candidate is assigned to the school for the entire semester. The teacher candidate is
challenged to keep 100% of the students engaged 100% of the class time as classes were taught virtually.

Job Market

100% of SC State PE majors who complete the PETE certification program have job offers before they graduate.


Physical Education is supported by several alumni who offer positive feedback about the value and strength of the program. Students are recognized for their hard work and continued support of the department with scholarships and awards based on criteria set by the alumni making the donation

Name: Bulldogs on the Run Scholarship

Amount: Two $1,000 awards
The scholarship is sponsored by a group of alumni physical educators from SC State.

  • Must be a full-time student-12+ academic hours
  • Must have a classification of a junior or senior at SCSU
  • Must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0
  • Must submit three letters of recommendation – No recommendations from family members, and one reference must be written by an academic – preferably a faculty member in the applicant’s academic department.
  • Must demonstrate leadership, volunteer or academic activities, and campus involvement
  • Must submit a personal statement about your academic major and what motivates you to pursue this field of study – limit statement to two pages typewritten.

Name: Ken D. Mosley Award

Amount: $100.00
The eligibility requirements for the scholarship: A cash award and gold medallion is given to a junior/senior health and physical education major with the highestGPA. The student’s name will be exhibited on a plaque within the main area.

Name: Clemmie F. Hill Scholarship in Memory of Edith R. Hill

Amount: $100.00
The eligibility requirements for the scholarship: A cash award and gold medallion awarded to two graduating seniors who have been outstanding in the Health and Physical Education Majors Society. Students’ names will be exhibited on a plaque within the main area.

Name: Raymond A. “Nick” Gaffney, Jr. Award

Amount: $100.00
The eligibility requirements for the scholarship: A cash award and gold medallion will be given to two junior/senior Physical Education Teacher Certification majorswho exemplifies stellar work ethics and have a passion for learning. Students’ names will be exhibited on a plaque in the main area.

Name: Hazel Alberta Scott Award

Amount: $100.00
The eligibility requirements for the scholarship: A cash award given to a junior or senior majoring in Health Education Services with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher. Students must be involved in community service activities on campus and within the community, in addition to demonstrating the potential to become successful in the Health Education field upon graduating. The student’s name will be exhibited on a plaque within the main area.

Name: Robert H. Bradley, Sr. Award

Amount: $100.00
The eligibility requirements for the scholarship: A cash award given to a rising junior or senior with a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA, participation in community service, and exemplifying extraordinary leadership to the SC State University’s Aquatic Program.